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The series has nine WEEVIL stories. These are about a small boy whose nickname is Weevil. Some include his smaller sister Felicity (also a nickname). Two more are entirely Felicity adventure stories.

Both children are normal when at home with their parents, but when they leave home and wander off in search of adventure they are able to talk to wild animals and understand what the animals say. Weevil also meets other humans in the past and the future as his surroundings dissolve and re-form. He experiences as real what some might call make-believe. Weevil's time range is from the long since past age of the brachiosaurus to a symposium of archaeologists in 7000 AD discussing (quite incorrectly) their findings and understanding of the world Weevil lives in, 2000 AD. These learned people dismiss Weevil's factual explanations as ignorance. Two other stories tell us about unusual experiences of Weevil's father, whose name is John.

Two more stories complete the series. Both involve Dr. Dewgood.
In one a small boy and his dog are helped by the good doctor.
This diminutive person also appears at a children's birthday party where he tries to help, but everything he does turns to chaos and the party quickly becomes a shambles.

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Here are the titles in the episodes of the series; all of which are now posted on this web site:


The Denizen of Tumble Hills

Weevil and the Dinosaurs

Aunt Flo and Supermouse

Weevil and the Silent Sea

Felicity and the Nose

John's Cabin

Snowshoe Felicity

The Flute Player

Weevil and the Maple

Weevil's Second Chess Game

Weevil at the Cabin

Weevil and the Giant Ant

7000 AD

Dr. Dewgood's Birthday Party

My Dog Lukie


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